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Objectives of the Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka

  • To promote and advance the science of Pharmacy and its applications in Sri Lanka
  • To advice the Government and counsel to other bodies on all matters connected with the application of Pharmacy to the progress of health care system of the country;
  • To promote education and training in Pharmacy at all levels in order to enhance the status of the profession of Pharmacy in Sri Lanka;
  • To ensure the maintenance of high professional standards, the honour and traditions of the profession of Pharmacy and promote high standard of professional conduct;
  • To effect close links between members of the profession in Sri Lanka and other countries and to facilitate personal contact between pharmacists and students;
  • To promote and facilitate the acquisition, dissemination and exchange of pharmacy knowledge and information about the practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical services;
  • To foster a high standard of control over the quality, sale and distribution of drugs by encouraging the revision and implementation of appropriate legislation;
  • To communicate with the Government, Department of Health Services, Medical Council, Universities, other Associations in Sri Lanka and abroad on matters affecting the profession of pharmacy;
  • To promote, encourage and foster good relations with other associations of the health care delivery team and sister associations overseas and
  • To establish liaison with other scientific and professional organizations.