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Membership Categories

Full Membership of the Society is open to any person who is registered as a pharmacist at the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

Provisional Membership is open to any person who has passed the pharmacists examination conducted by the Ceylon Medical College Council or any graduate from a University who is awaiting registration as a Pharmacist at the Sri Lanka Medical Council. He/she will be admitted to full membership after the submission of the certificate of registration as a Pharmacist.

Guest Membership is open to foreign pharmacists who are registered in their own countries who wish to participate in the activities of the Society during their stay in Sri Lanka. They should apply with proof of their registration in the foreign country.

Student Membership of the Society is open to those who are undergoing training in pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine or any other institute recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council or to those who are registered as apprentice pharmacists at the Ceylon Medical College Council eligible to sit the external pharmacists examination. The student membership for the above categories is limited for three years from the date of registration. Those following degree courses in pharmacy at any of the Universities in Sri Lanka could also apply for student membership.

Corporate Membership is open to any company or association or institution desirous of supporting the activities of the Society subject to approval by the Council. Institutional Members do not have voting rights. Institutional members shall subscribe to the Society on admission and annually thereafter such sums as the Council may determine from time to time. The Council may at any time at its discretion declare that any firm or company or association or institution which had been admitted as an Institutional member shall no longer be an Institutional member and thereupon such firm shall forthwith cease to be an Institutional member.

Membership Fee:

Annual Membership Fee Rs. 1000.00
Life Membership Fee Rs. 5000.00
Annual Provisional Membership Fee Rs. 1000.00
Annual Student Membership Fee Rs. 300.00
Annual Guest Membership Fee Rs. 1000.00
Annual Corporate Membership Fee To be decided by the council

PSSL Membership Cards

PSSL is in the process of printing Membership Cards for those who have requested. At least a minimum number of 50 cards have to be printed for a batch. Therefore the members who are willing to obtain membership cards are kindly requested to submit the following particulars.

  • Name (in the form that it should be printed)
  • SLMC registration number
  • National identity card number
  • 2 Photographs - size ( 2 ½ cm X 3 cm) - background colour (Red)
  • Signature on a blank sheet (to be scanned)

Pharmacist's Oath

As a practicing Pharmacist, I voluntarily pledge to devote my professional career to serve patients and the society with a sense of duty and responsibility using my knowledge and skills to the best of my ability. I will obey laws governing the practice of Pharmacy and discharge of my duties in accordance with the code of ethics for Pharmacists. I will maintain the highest standards of ideals, professional attributes and competence in my profession of Pharmacy and dedicate my professional life to serving humanity with honesty, integrity and excellence.